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Success Stories

Jennifer is the mother of two grown children and a PT for 30 years (25 years of pediatric experience). She has experience with the adult population, school system, private outpatient clinic, aquatic therapy, and early intervention. Jennifer fell in love with early intervention and obtained her board certification as a pediatric clinical specialist. She has adopted a lifelong learning model and is always looking to the latest research. Jennifer also recently invented and patented "Anni's Chair," a one-of-a-kind seat for infants and toddlers to help engage core muscles for sitting, standing, and walking. Jennifer's invention is currently undergoing safety testing.


After a few months of working in the EasySteps app, we asked Jennifer  'What do you love about EasySteps?' and this is what she had to say...

How do I love EasySteps? 

Let me count the ways... I cannot begin to tell you how happy I am using EasySteps! I feel like I can see a baby, document effectively, keep track of sessions and billing so much better, and FASTER!

  1. Easy dictation

  2. Keeps track of authorizations with a yellow caution and red expiration date

  3. Missed visits, touch a sad face...(recorded with reason for monthly and record keeping)

  4. Request a doctor's order with a click

  5. Record the time, date of the session in real time without having to write any of this

  6. Sign with a click

  7. Email notes and handouts to parents with a click

  8. Email FSCs monthly and daily notes with a click. Can do a batch of emails at once, or an individual note or month. Can email all monthlies at once to each FSC 

  9. Bill right at the end of the session with just one click. To covansys or Medicaid 

  10. Meetings are recorded and kept track of for you. No checking for authorization. They do it for you! They contact the FSC if the auth is not there.

  11. Schedule keeper

  12. Can send appointment reminders to parent 

  13. Uploaded to an online cloud ☁️ so no more paper

  14. Wonderful customer service!

Lifelong Learning

Jennifer Aguillard, PT PCS

Opelousas, LA

I know there are more things I’m not even remembering. Like looking up FSC and agency for you with their numbers and emails! So much is at the tip of your fingers. I am now more motivated than ever to get my records straight! Once I enter a goal or outcome it’s there, until achieved and changed:) They even had the telephone survey and Telehealth formats to use the day we were approved for Telehealth! The icon for documentation to record a Telehealth session was there on the very first day! I did not have to do the mental note to remember to record it was a Telehealth session because they had special notes on that form for me! All I had to do was select Telehealth note... Like I said I could go on and on because EasySteps go on and on ...

Professionally happy,


Jennifer Aguillard, PT, PCS 

Board Certified Pediatric Clinical Specialist 

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Jennifer is owner of Magic Moments Physical Therapy, LLC and you can check out her business and read more about Anni's Chair on or follow on insta


A New Perspective

Janey Callais, OT

Galliano, LA

One of the newest members of the EasySteps family shares her experience of making the transition from paper to the EasySteps app.  Janey Callais, a seasoned occupational therapist with 19 years of experience, works full-time as a school therapist and also has maintained a caseload of up to 10 clients as an independent contractor with Early Steps for the last 9 years, all while being a mom of 2 busy teenagers. Time is of great importance to Janey and she was fed up with "drowning in papers." After hearing about the EasySteps app and reading all the marketing emails for the last year, she finally decided to "just do it." She was so busy and wasn't sure if she had time to learn and set up the app, but figured she had "nothing to lose" since she was able to try EasySteps for free.


At first, it took Janey 5 hours to set up her entire caseload in EasySteps. Now, Janey says she can set up a new client in 10 minutes or less, and loves that all her client's information is instantly at her fingertips. She also says that it is much easier using her iPad at the end of the client's session rather than handwriting on paper. "No more grabbing my papers!"


Janey instantly saw that EasySteps was saving her time and frustration. "It used to be a hassle tracking down physician's orders since I don't have my own fax machine." Using the EasySteps in-app fax helped her obtain physician's orders for all of her clients within just a few days. "The scripts were just there [in the chart] in a day or two." Another time-saver for Janey are the auto-fill features of the monthly note. Before, "I would lock myself into a room for an entire day just to complete all the monthly notes. Last month, I did all my monthly notes in about an hour in front of the television!"


Janey described three of her favorite EasySteps features. One is EasySteps One-Click Covansys Billing. Not only does she like that it is done with one click, EasySteps helps her obtain an authorization if it is missing. Janey also loves having a master list of specific activities for each of her clients which makes good documentation much easier. Another favorite is being able to work offline since she doesn't always have access to the internet.


In just 45 days, Janey has used most components of the app. "Doing paperwork properly was taking forever." But now, Janey feels more efficient and has actually increased her caseload, all because she is more organized and has more time.

Working as a Team

Jessica Gunning, PT and Misti Entremont, PTA

Baton Rouge, LA

With a combined 18 years experience, Jessica Gunning and Misty Entremont have been providing Physical Therapy services to clients in the Baton Rouge metro area. They are a dynamic duo who successfully transitioned from working for others to full-time independent contractors in Louisiana's EarlySteps program. Although their caseloads flourished, both Jessica and Misty had difficulty keeping up with all the required documentation and realized they were wasting time that could otherwise be spent with clients. They also found themselves doing paperwork and billing during the evenings and on weekends during family-time. Jessica even remembers "I had papers all over my house" and "I never knew if all my client charts were complete."


Another challenge as a business owner was getting reimbursed from LA Medicaid and Covansys.  Jessica acknowledges that she only got paid once every 6-8 months, and said "I probably missed a lot of payments." Plus, as the supervisor, Jessica did not always have access to Misty's client charts and had to wait until the supervision calls/sessions to know what happened at each therapy visit.


Jessica and Misty decided to try the EasySteps app to see if they could save time and be more organized. They both immediately realized they saved hours of time each week on documentation and on billing. Jessica says "I don't have to worry about claims or denials anymore. With EasySteps, it is just done!" Instead of getting reimbursed 2-3 times per year, they get reimbursed weekly and monthly. Misty loves that she never does any paperwork at home! Even the assistant payroll saves them time.  Plus, they feel safer and more confident with the electronic storage of their client charts. Misty recalls a friend who lost all of her charts in a flood. "With EasySteps, all my charts are safe."


Another benefit of using the EasySteps app is no matter where they are working, both Misty and Jessica always know exactly what's going on. They realize that by both having access to their charts all the time, their communication and quality of documentation improved. Not to mention, it is "easier to turn paperwork in on time" and "I always feel confident that everything is complete."

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Managing Daily Workflow

Megan Lerchie, MCD, CCC-SLP

Shreveport, LA

Megan Lerchie is a Speech and Language Pathologist and Clinical Instructor in Communication Disorders at LSUHSC-Shreveport with over a decade of experience in early intervention. In addition to seeing private clients and working in Louisiana's Early Steps program, Megan also serves on the Ark-La-Tex Cleft Palate/Craniofacial Team at Willis Knighton and Shriner's hospitals, and is the instructor at the Mollie E. Webb Speech and Hearing Center Preschool Language Center.


Since starting with the EasySteps app a year-and-a-half ago, Megan keeps all client charts in EasySteps and is 100% paperless! Megan credits the EasySteps app for turning an archaic paper system into a current, up-to-date app. She saves hours every week by using the app and no longer has to take time off from seeing clients to manage paperwork and billing. "I get paid faster and more consistently." Plus, Megan does all her monthly notes in approximately 30 minutes and billing is done in only a couple minutes for herself and her assistant! Megan states, "It is great to not spend time in the evenings doing paperwork!" Instead, Megan has the option to increase her productivity to see more clients and has "more family time" with her husband and two daughters.


One of Megan's favorite features in the EasySteps app is keeping up with her private home health clients in addition to her Early Steps clients. She loves that EasySteps tracks all her therapy sessions and the amount owed by the client. "Billing private clients used to be confusing, but EasySteps makes it easy to keep up with payments! Plus, the parents really appreciate the payment tracker because they know exactly how much they owe each time."


Overall, Megan credits the EasySteps app with helping her manage her daily workflow and makes it easy to supervise assistants. Megan emphasized that she loves how "EasySteps is willing to listen to my ideas and makes the new ideas work!"

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