With every EasySteps account, the first 30 days are free.  There is no sign-up fee and no long-term contract required.  Customer service and individual training sessions are always available.

One User Account

Client-Based Pricing:

Active Caseload 1-5 clients = $20/mo for each provider


Active Caseload 6-10 clients = $30/mo for each provider


Active Caseload 11+ clients = $40/mo for each provider



Get one month free with an annual subscription

Included with Every Account

  Free 30-Day Trial

  No Set-Up Fees

  Unlimited Clients & Notes

  Online & Offline Capabilities

  In-App Signatures

  In-App Calls

  In-App Texts

  In-App Fax

  Master Bank of Skilled Interventions

  One-Click Authorization Requests

  Customized Handouts

  Text Reminders

  HIPAA-Compliant Emails

  Unlimited File Storage

  5-STAR Support

  Daily Backups


Supervisor Features

  Full Access to Assistant Charts

  Assistants have access to their client information only

√  Only Supervisors have access to billing information

√  Re-assign patients to assistants at anytime

  Co-Sign Notes

  Payroll Capabilities

Example:  A supervisor with assistants would need one user account for each provider. The supervisor's caseload size is the total number of active clients of the supervisor and assistant(s). A supervisor can add billing to his/her account and can then bill for all with just one billing account.

Add One-Click Billing 

Medicaid: $30/mo per billing NPI

Part C (Covansys): $30/mo per billing account


$50/mo for both Medicaid and Part C

  All-Inclusive Billing Service

 In-App Billing (no other services required)

  Unlimited Claim Submission

√  No Additional Fees

√  One-Click to Bill

  Claims Generate from Daily Notes and Meeting Notes

  Quick Claims (Generate claims without Daily Notes)

  EasySteps Tracks & Reconciles Claims

  Claim Status available in the Client Chart

  Billing Reports

If you add EasySteps One-Click Billing, once you approve a claim for billing, we take care of the rest. Let us send the claim, manage the claim, and reconcile all payments. With just one click, your billing is truly done!

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