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Instructions & Optimization  

Download our PDF file with instructions for using the app and optimizing your device.

How-To Videos  

Archive Charts

30 Seconds

Attendance Policy Agreement

1 Minute

Chart Overview

5 Minutes

Chart Setup

30 Seconds

Create a Monthly Note

20 Seconds

Create Daily Contact Notes

4 Minutes 30 Seconds

Create Meeting Visits

2 Minutes

Create Memos

1 Minute

Create Missed Visits & Makeup Visits

4 Minutes

Create Monthly Notes

3 Minutes

Create PDFs

45 Seconds

EasySteps In-App Fax Overview

30 Seconds

FSC Lookup

1 Minute 2 Seconds

In-App Fax - Physician’s Orders (OT)

2 Minutes

Master List of Specific Activities

20  Seconds

New Monthly Note: Faster, Easier, Better!

2 Minutes 51 Seconds

One-Click Signature

30 Seconds


45 Seconds


50 Seconds

Telephone Screening Form

1 Minute 22 Seconds

Track Authorizations

30 Seconds

Upload Documents to EarlySteps Online

1 Minute 42 Seconds

EasySteps App Download & Update:

Online, Offline, WebDirect

2 Minutes 33 Seconds

Version Updates

1 Minute

EasySteps Add-Ons Medicaid Billing:

Medicaid Billing Overview

5 Minutes 32 Seconds

Quick Claims

30 Seconds

Sample LA Medicaid EDI Contract

To use EasySteps Medicaid One-Click Billing, we can generate the form for you or you can fill out the EDI contract just like this sample form with your name and information. Instructions for where to mail are on last page. 

EasySteps Add-Ons Covansys (Part C) Billing:

Child at Psychologist

What people say about EasySteps

Angie Coleman, SLP

Hands down one of the biggest improvements in my quality of life related to a specific job that I’ve ever experienced in 24 years.  It was like one day documentation and billing was a huge hassle and deeply dreaded, the next day after starting EasySteps, everything easy and concise, like magic!

Joellen Freeman, SLP

EasySteps has made "paperwork" a dream. It's fast, easy and done! Christie and Ann are so open to suggestions to improve the system for the benefit of providers and always on top of the latest changes. I am so thankful for EasySteps, Christie, and Ann! My professional life has been made easier with this app!

Valerie Barcelona, PT

EasySteps has been a dream in every way! It has made all charting and billing so much less of a hassle. Everything is so organized and saves me so much time. The customer service is absolutely the best. Ann and Christie are easy to contact and go above and beyond to make EasySteps the best service/business ever. They are constantly finding ways to make it even better. The monthly subscription is well worth the money. Thank you EasySteps!

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