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Three Easy Telehealth Videoconference Platform Options

There are many HIPAA-compliant options available. This is not a complete list of all platforms, but is a list of three easy-to-use options with an overview of capabilities and price.

TheraPlatform offers unlimited visits, an interactive whiteboard, resource sharing and library, session recordings, 2-way screen sharing, time tracking, and a way to observe therapists. They have appointment booking and an interactive calendar. This platform is not only the least expensive, but also a reviewer favorite.

· 30-day free trial

· $39/month per provider; $29/month for each additional provider

Thera-Link is very easy to set up and add patients. Once an invitation to a patient is sent, they must create an account which is an easy process. No long-term contract is required and it comes with basic scheduling. Users are able to share desktop screen, but not individual pictures or files.

· 15-day free trial

· $45/month per provider

· $40/month per providers for agencies with 5 or more

VSee is easy to set up as a provider. Client setup is more difficult, but with instructions to download the app first and the steps to take, it isn’t too hard. VSee allows the therapist to share files and pictures. It is easy to select from the open documents and pictures on the desktop to share. The client has the ability to scroll through the shared files at any time.

· Free account for up to 25 visits per month. The free account doesn’t come with scheduling.

· $49 - Unlimited visits with scheduling

· Expensive for groups

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