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Helpful Billing Tip to Prepare for a Rate Increase

The new song 'Doing This' by Luke Combs really strikes a cord. Lord knows we've all been 'doing this' early intervention for many years being very underpaid, even though other 'jobs' would easily pay more WITH benefits! And now, a potential rate increase is all the buzz amongst early interventionists across Louisiana! It has been nearly two decades since rates have been increased and we are long overdue.

The latest information is the bill for the rate increase has passed both the Louisiana House of

Representatives and the Senate, leaving only Governor John Bel Edwards to sign it into action. It really feels like all the emails, phone calls, meetings, and advocacy from all of us across the state are about to make this initiative worthwhile!

Assuming the rate increase is officially passed and signed by the governor, it will likely take effect beginning July 1, 2022, the first day of the new fiscal year. As to be expected, it will take Louisiana Medicaid and the Louisiana Department of Health a bit of time to make the proper adjustments in their systems, so it may take months for providers to see the actual difference in their bank accounts. BUT, the good news is that these payers may retroactively pay providers. For those who remember the last rate increase many years ago, they paid retroactively, but ONLY to those who billed for the newer/higher amount. Payers will only pay up to the amount you request, and not more.

For this reason, EasySteps One-Click Billing made adjustments as soon as the bill for rate increase made it to the state capitol. This proactive action will cover any back pay that may occur, and we recommend to anyone sending paper claims or using other billing software to do the same.

This investment in Louisiana's Early Steps program will not only make an impact on current providers, but also strengthen the possibility for future providers, thus making early intervention more accessible to those in need. Thanks to all who supported and advocated for our state's early intervention program. Now, we can all keep on 'doing this!"

For more information about EasySteps One-Click Billing, click below.


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