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Getting Families Onboard for Teletherapy - Recorded Webinar

Our therapy world has changed overnight!  One of the biggest challenges as we implement teletherapy services is getting the caregivers and families onboard to participate with the teletherapy model of service delivery. The embedded video is a Families Helping Families webinar to educate families and caregivers why early intervention therapy should not be disrupted during this COVID-19 pandemic.  Families will learn why early intervention is so crucial, what is required to participate in a teletherapy session, what happens during a teletherapy session, how to make the most of a teletherapy session, and frequently asked questions.  Included in the recorded webinar are pictures and video clips of teletherapy sessions with demonstrations of what happens during a teletherapy session.  

You can also see very “fancy” teletherapy sessions with ideal technology and space setup, as well as “not-so-fancy” real-world teletherapy sessions completed on a phone or tablet. Providers and caregivers will learn about and see demonstration of five teletherapy coaching strategies: modeling, joint play activities, listening and observing, verbal feedback and guidance, and problem solving.

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