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EasySteps Answers Your Most Common Questions About Electronic Billing:

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

1. Do you get paid faster with electronic versus paper claims?

The short answer… Absolutely! When claims are sent electronically by 5pm on Wednesday, they are almost always paid by the following Wednesday. As a matter of fact, 99.99% of all claims sent by Wednesday at 5pm with EasySteps One-Click Billing are paid by the following Wednesday! Too often, we hear from clinicians that their paper CMS-1500 forms were mailed to Medicaid and were “lost” or denied for unknown reasons. Sending claims electronically takes all the guesswork and human error out of billing. Electronic billing is the only way to have consistent paychecks.

2. I heard that EasySteps “Scrubs” the claims. What does that mean?

Before claims are sent to Medicaid, the EasySteps Billing Team manually and tediously checks each claim for any errors that would cause the payer to deny the payment. Claims are scrubbed for the following: correctly spelled name, accurate date of birth, correct Medicaid number, all necessary modifiers and ICD-10 codes are present and accurate, etc. Claim rejections delay payments; therefore, EasySteps Billing Team strives to avoid rejections!

3. What happens when a claim is rejected?

Although rare, claims may be rejected for one reason or another. EasySteps typically identifies a rejected claim within 24-48 hours of electronic submission; therefore, those claims can be ‘corrected’ and resubmitted almost instantly. A client who uses EasySteps does not typically need to do anything at all and will just see that the claim has been ‘refiled’ for them. If a claim error occurs that requires your intervention, EasySteps will contact you for assistance.

4. How long does it take to get paid for electronic claims?

As mentioned earlier, all claims sent by Wednesday at 5pm with EasySteps One-Click Billing are paid by the following Wednesday. Any claims sent after that deadline are paid the next Wednesday.

5. Does electronic billing save me time over handwritten CMS-1500 forms?

EasySteps One-Click Billing is a true time-saving Game-Changer when compared to both paper claims and other electronic billing options. Truly, nothing is faster! Once you set up a client’s chart for billing, create claims with just One-Click. You don’t need to fill out the CMS-1500 forms ever again. We get calls and emails on a regular basis from EasySteppers who are ecstatic that they no longer have to do billing on the weekends and testify they save hours of time each week. EasySteps One-Click Billing is just that – ONE CLICK!

6. What does full-service billing entail?

“Full service” billing includes both Medicaid claims AND Part C (Covansys) claims. You check the box to approve the claim, and EasySteps does the rest! The EasySteps Billing team creates the claim, scrubs it for errors, sends to payer, ensures receipt, applies all payments, and reconciles claims/payments in the app. There are also other added benefits to EasySteps Full-Service Billing. On the occasion there are errors on a claim such as name misspellings or incorrect dates of birth, EasySteps Billing team can access the laeikids account to find the correction. Also, EasySteps can instantly see when Medicaid services are discontinued and can immediately switch to the Part C payer, and vice-versa to avoid disruption of payments. EasySteps monitors your claims daily for you and we always go the extra mile!

7. How do you sign up for EasySteps One-Click Billing?

Once you have an EasySteps app, you can generate the completed forms in the EasySteps app! Just enter your billing information (Medicaid and NPI number, etc.) and VOILA! The forms are created. All you need to do is print and notarize the forms, and mail them to Medicaid. It takes approximately 3 weeks for approval from Medicaid for electronic claim submission. Approval for Part C (Covansys)

billing is much easier and faster. Once you sign the form generated in your app, EasySteps does the rest and approval for Part C claims may take just a couple of business days. This video shows you step-by-step how to generate the forms in your app:

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