Early Intervention Teletherapy Session Preparation Checklist


  •  Well-lit room; light should be in front of you

  •  Remove distractions from background

  •  The room should be quiet with items such as carpet and bookshelves to absorb sound and reduce background noise

  •  Turn phone ringers off

  •  All technology is charged or plugged in


  •  Use a headset/microphone

  •  Microphone is directly in front of you

  •  Webcam is in good location, allowing for direct eye contact with the caregiver

  •  Good internet connection

  •  Conduct test sessions until you have a good understanding of your videoconferencing platform


  •  Professional attire of dark/solid colors


  •  Sit close to the webcam

  •  Make direct eye contact with the caregiver by looking into the webcam lens

  •  Avoid fast hand movements and other distracting movements

  •  Speak at a normal volume and pace

Session Planning

  •  Consider the client’s natural environment, daily routines, and IFSP outcomes/goals when planning and preparing session activities

  •  Have plenty of meaningful activities planned and outline the desired order of the session (be prepared to change the order of activities to allow for a client-directed session)

  •  Have all physical materials prepared and readily available

  •  Have all computer resources (i.e. handouts, instructions, and videos) prepared and readily available to load into the videoconference platform

  •  Prior to session, communicate with the caregiver all materials/items needed

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