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The Family Guide to Early Intervention Teletherapy

The Easy App for Early Intervention Therapists

Work from Anywhere

EasySteps allows you to work online and offline.

     Extra Features in EasySteps:


  • One-Click Billing - just one click creates a claim, sends it to Medicaid, and reconciles the payment. Super fast & easy! No need for CMS-1500 forms or paying for and uploading to a separate clearinghouse. EasySteps does it all for you!

  • One-Click Signatures

  • Easy Scheduling with in-app text reminders

  • In-app fax capabilities (get physician orders in-app!)

  • In-app texting & calling

  • Customized handouts

  • Authorization tracking

  • One-Click authorization requests

  • Master Bank of Skilled Interventions

  • Work online & offline... An internet signal is not required!

  • Supervisor and Assistant Payroll Features

  • HIPAA-compliant emails with password-encrypted PDF documents (send directly from app)


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